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Market researches
Do you know …
…. the needs of your customers?
… which are your regional competitors?
… what are the tendencies and the potential of the Bulgarian market?
… what are the alternatives for distribution of your products?
The awareness of the market is a crucial factor for the business success.

Sector analyses
ER consult experts have substantial experience in many sectors of the Bulgarian economy. The company continuously expands its network of consultants through engagement of leading specialists.

In case your company needs a specific study, we could offer an appropriate business solution “tailor-made” for your needs.



24 May 2011   

ER consult & management Ltd. could research the Bulgarian market for you and provide thorough information about the sector or specific competitor you are interested in.

30 April 2011    

If you intend to launch production business in Bulgaria, ER consult & management Ltd. could help you to develop and implement a project under the Operational Programmes of EU.


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