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ER consult & management Ltd. is specialized in management consulting. We maintain a network of experts, which have expertise in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, finance and project management. W

The scope of our activities toward foreign customers include provision of information services; expertise; development, implementation and monitoring of projects.

ER consult and management Ltd. faces the challenge to work in a very dynamic and rapidly changing environment. The world globalization, the Bulgarian accession to EU, the implementation of new standards, the increasing need for actual information, the strong competition are only some of the new realities in business.

Our purpose is to assist our clients successfully to adjust their businesses to the new changes in order to achieve sustainable development.



24 May 2011   

ER consult & management Ltd. could research the Bulgarian market for you and provide thorough information about the sector or specific competitor you are interested in.

30 April 2011    

If you intend to launch production business in Bulgaria, ER consult & management Ltd. could help you to develop and implement a project under the Operational Programmes of EU.


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